My Builder is a ‘Magician’.

My Builder is a ‘Magician’.

Don’t let the title mislead you – this is not a blog promoting his business. He’s a very good builder, sure – but not quite magical. In fact, the title is literal. That’s right ladies and gentlemen he’s getting business cards designed and he’ll be trying his hand at magic very soon!

The magic industry is a high volume market which is becoming saturated with people purporting to be something they’re not. Lots of these people are huge fans of magic that have picked up a card trick or two, found an online magic store and bought some ‘magic’ tricks and apparatus and suddenly they think they’re the next Harry Houdini. They often have no experience, no insurance, no people skills and no panache – which is essential in this entertainment business – I’ve even seen many claiming to have won awards!

Obviously this isn’t the only industry that has a problem like this – when looking for anyone to provide you with a service you can never be 100% sure what you’re going to be getting. You can do as much research as you think necessary, but still end up with something that isn’t quite what you were hoping for.

It’s never been harder to choose a magician online, and I’ve heard some real horror stories from clients who’ve been stung before. So I feel it’s my duty as a professional magician with nearly thirty years’ experience to offer up my top four tips for choosing the right entertainer for your requirements.

Research their show extensively
Read their website ‘cover to cover’ and look at all of their social media channels. You can get a real feel for someone’s personality from what they post online.

Read their testimonials
Look at what others have said. Remember to check to see if they have Facebook or Google reviews too – word of mouth is the most valuable indication to help with your choice.

Face to Face Meeting
Ask to meet up – most professionals will be happy to meet you – they understand that you’re inviting them into an environment that is ‘yours’ and so need to make sure you’re happy with them mingling with your friends or colleagues.

Go to a show
A good magician will be a busy one – see if you can go and watch them at work. This is a ‘try before you buy’ technique and will almost definitely make your decision easy – one way or another.

If they say they’re an award-winner make sure you ask them to elaborate. They might have won an amateur magician competition down at their local British Legion Club or a talent show at Butlin’s, both of which are totally different to being a FISM or Magic Circle or recognized magic society award winner.

Of course there’s nothing wrong with hiring a builder to perform at your party, as long as you know that’s just what you’re getting, a guy who knows a few tricks and that’s the style you’re going for; just don’t hire me to do any building work.

So if you are looking to hire a magician in London or the surrounding areas, for your public event make sure to have a look at my website – it might help you along the way. I’m a Magic Circle Magician awarded Gold Star and I’m highly experienced in close up magic, magic for weddings, private parties, corporate events, all sorts; whether it’s close up magic or on a stage for a larger audience – I’ve got you covered.

Here’s all you need to get a good idea of what I’m about, why not drop me a like and a follow:

If you are still reading – CONGRATULATIONS – you have successfully completed your extensive research – now give me a call on 078500 60719 or send me an email and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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