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Do you want to hire a magician to perform the best close up magic in London? You should check out David Redfearn today. Over the past fifteen years, David has been creating Performance Showcases that have stunned audiences, challenged consciousness and defied critics and is renown as one of the UK’s leading magical stage performers. David Redfearn’s close up magic in London is not only innovative and versatile but can work in any social situation – always leaving memorable impressions on guests.

David Redfearn has entertained a range of different individuals across a number of different backgrounds and industries. From family members at a wedding to A-list celebrities, film stars and sporting legends – David really does perform the best close up magic in London. He has even made several appearances on live TV and has been lucky enough to perform for royalty. With a wealth of experience and as the magician of choice for many celebrities across the globe, he really is the person to hire. If you are interested in seeing what some of David’s clients have to say about his performances, please feel free to check out the Testimonial page.

David is more than happy to perform at a range of different events, whether it be a wedding reception, birthday party or private dinner party, he can create an amazing stage performance that is unique for your requirements. He has mastered the art of entertaining guests with his impressive, interactive performances which all involve creative audience participation, mind reading and pushes psychological barriers beyond your imagination.

If you would like to hire David Redfearn to perform close up magic in London, please feel free to contact him today. Either give him a call on 07850 060719 or send an email to Alternatively, you can complete the form on the Contact page of his Website. Just include all relevant information along with your query and he will get back to you as soon as possible.

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